Who Is She?


    I'm a Bi-Coastal actor and recent grad of NYU from Harlem, NY. Born to a mother from the Dominican Republic and a father from Queens, I grew up with the whole "New York" experience. My tough New Yorker attitude combined with my spicy latin flare left me wanting to perform at all times and influenced me to enter the world of entertainment. I am a proud Gates Millennium Scholar, a UCB Diversity Scholar, UCB intern and goober. While at NYU, I discovered a huge interest in screenwriting and sketch comedy writing. I am also currently the Literary Assistant to Playwright, Kati Schwartz, and an editor for Bullshit.ist, a satirical web publication. You can look forward to seeing me on a 30 minute, multi-camera sitcom or any show with a nerd following in the near future! Toodles! 

With Love,

Michelle Christine Anastasia De La Rosa Driscoll,

but PLEASE just call me Michelle 

Actor & Comedian